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Origins of Goa:

January 22, 2009

We have the famous Parashuram legend of the creation of Goa. According to tradition, Parashuram, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu ,  travelled from the north and reached the Sahyadris, stood atop it and shot an arrow into the sea. The sea is believed to have been upto the base of the Sahyadris. The arrow is supposed to have fallen at the point where Benaulim (or Bana-halli) (ban meaning arrow and halli is village) is and Parashuram ordered the sea to recede,  and, thus, the land of Goa came into being. It is in this legend that myth, history and geology have fused together. When we sift through this theory, the geological history of Goa comes to the surface and the myth starts fading. Parashuram might have been a historical figure who had brought ninety-six (Shannav, which got corrupted to Shenvi or Shenoi) Gaud Sarawat families to Goa. Of these sixty-six Gaud Saraswat families were settled in Shashtti (Salcette) where Shashastth is sixty-six and thirty Gaud Saraswati families settled on the island of Tiswadi (Wadi or area where thirty GSB families settled). This,. being the historicity of the Parashuram theory, the rest can be interpreted by studying the geological history of Goa. According to geologists, Goa was part of the huge plateau called Gondwanaland, about 100 million years ago,  and was lying submerged under the sea. The Geology Department of Dhempe College, Panjim, Goa,  has a mini-museum of our rich rock heritage.